Relationship Between Family And Family

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Introduction Many would agree that the dynamics of the family structure have changed drastically. Families are faced with many challenges, often times outside intervention is necessary in coping with the plethora of issues families face. We are living in a time of increased racial tensions, stress, bullying, domestic violence, mental illness, same-sex marriage, drug abuse, increased divorce rates, blended families, and cohabitation. The use of Marriage and family therapists appears to be increasing. According to Gladding, (2004), 56.9 million people utilized marriage and family therapists. This paper will discuss the understanding of marriage and family therapists and the family life cycle. In addition the blended family is discussed as it relates to the role of the marriage, and family counselor. An overview of the preventative wellness measures that could apply to preblended families is also reviewed. Understanding of the family life cycle as it applies to counselors working with couples and families. My understanding of the family life cycle as it applies to counselors is that it is complex and a direct correlation between the fit of the therapists life stage along with the family (Gladding, 2004). As a therapist and /or counselor, consideration must be given to the life cycle stage of the family as well as the culture of the client(s). Families are systems and different cultures define family in different ways. There are many factors that may have an impact on the
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