Relationship Between Gilgamesh And Enkidu

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Gilgamesh and Enkidu
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the paths of two extremely different men converge and propel them on a journey to become of the most legendary duos in literary history. Fate, it would have it, destined them to collide and satiate their desire for companionship. Enkidu and Gilgamesh are a complementary match. Many factors contribute to the significance of this relationship and what each stood to gain from the other. Before Enkidu's creation, Gilgamesh wasn't a pleasant king. He wreaked havoc on his subjects in the city of Uruk. By day and by night his tyranny grows harsher (Gilgamesh 86, tablet I). He withdrew all young men from their fathers to be soldiers for his Army. He had his way with the young women before their …show more content…

Both Enkidu and Gilgamesh had that pull for companionship. Enkidu finally makes his way to Uruk where blocks the path of Gilgamesh who is on his way to the wedding house. They have this dramatical fight testing each other strengths until Gilgamesh's anger subsides and he stops the fight and forms a friendship with Enkidu. Ninsun, the mother of Gilgamesh, reminds them of how Enkidu has no brother and no family and it makes Enkidu sad. Gilgamesh hated seeing his friend hurt so he proposes they go fight the ferocious Humbaba, the mystical monster in the Forest of Cedar. Enkidu advises against going on the quest. From what he remembers living in the wild, no one would dare go fight Humbaba. Gilgamesh gives him a hard time stating "Why my friend, do you speak like a weakling? With your spineless words you make me despondent" (tablet II, 232-33). He then precedes to remind Enkidu of their strengths and that together Humbaba can be defeated. This is the start of their Epic destiny together. The journeys and battles they face really show the parallels between the two characters and how their personalities mesh together as if they were one person at times but also flipping roles in certain situations. When they finally arrive at the Forest of Cedar, Gilgamesh is the one who doesn't want to go in and fight. Enkidu reminds Gilgamesh that he is the king of Uruk. At this point, they have switched

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