Relationship Between Medical Errors, Nurse Education And Patient Safety And Education

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The relationship between medical errors, nurse education and patient safety and education. Geni Mathurin Columbia College Professional issues in nursing have propelled many different challenges and opportunities. Complex issue arises everyday putting a hinge on providing quality care. The relationship between entry into nursing practice, education levels of nursing, medical errors, and improving patient outcomes will help shed some light on the adversary’s nurses face every day, whether it be directly or indirectly. The American Nurses Associations state, “Working together we address critical issues to strengthen nursing and improve health care (Cipriano & Berkowitz, 2016)”. Entry into practice have long been a …show more content…

There is strong evidence that with better nursing staff comes better patient outcomes. Hospitals with the improved care environment alongside nursing staff could see an increase in quality of care. Nurses were asked to score the level of satisfaction they had at their current employer. The percentage of nurses who reported that the quality of care was poor, was twice as high in hospitals with a poor environment, then the hospital that had a better hospital environment, with high dissatisfaction of the hospital setting, nurses refused to recommend the hospital to a family member or even friends. The systemic review research, also expresses that with a poor patient environment, mortality rates increased, especially in the surgical setting by 60%. The systemic review research, makes suggestions that improved patient care environment could be beneficial to improve quality care and patient outcomes. Implementing magnet hospitals will allow hospitals to bring in bachelor degree nurses with increased education, thus improving quality of care. Thirdly, nurses face the ultimate challenge of possible medical errors. Medical errors occur every day, the chances of dying from a car accident, injury, or HIV is far more less than possibly dying from a medical error. “To err is human: Building a safer health system”, describe how we human are prone to error, after all we are still human. Nurses are usually at the end of the totem pole when a

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