The Myers-Briggs Personality Study

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Developmental psychology is described as “the scientific study of biological, cognitive, social, and personality development throughout the life span” (Taylor, 2005, p.1). According to the readings, personality formation has been argued to be the result of nurture-as in the social environment, and temperament is the result of nature-as in genetic biology ("Personality Development: Intimacy and healthy personality," n.d.) This is in actuality a complex interplay between the two forces that shape our personalities as we grow and become healthy adults. Family and social environments both exert influence on the development of individual personality; this has been the topic of studies for years. Lewin’s Field Theory attempted to show …show more content…

I took an online version of the Myers-Briggs Personality test, and the results indicate that I am INFJ. Specifically, I am 28% Introvert, 22% iNtuitive,9% Feeling, and 28% Judging.The website describes INFJs a having complex character, and above average talents. They/we are said to be a rare type, humanitarian in outlook, idealists, and are simultenaeous both doer and dreamer (Humanmetrics Inc, 2017). It says INFJs combine vision with practicallity, are prone to taking larger than necessary responsibility in issues that concern them, and are true intoverts ( often mistaken for extraverts) who care about others and the world. They have small yet substansive social circles. They are said to have clear insight, uncanny empathic abilities, and strong writing skills (Humanmetrics Inc, 2017). Some of the other descriptors include being inherent givers, champions of the downtrodden, hard to fool or outwit, having high levels of stress tolerance and they communicate by being thoughtful, caring and supportive (Humanmetrics Inc, 2017).
Among the more amazing, highly applicable things it says I supposedly exhibit, it says INFJs are suited to teaching (I was a corporate trainer); psychology and counseling are obvious career choices; they are often found on the front lines helping those in distress after an emergency (I was a combat medic);they are selective with who they make friendships with; have a talent for deducing the mind, will,

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