Relationship Between Police And The Indigenous Community

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Consider what Blagg (2008) and Cunneen (2007) have said about the relationship between Aboriginal communities and the police. What are the major sources of concern, in relation to Aboriginal over-representation in the criminal justice system and what efforts have been made to reduce this over-representation?
There is a major negative hole in the relationship between police and the indigenous community; Blagg and Cunneen both convey key relevant statistics that, display relative evidence of a negative relationship between the two groups. Both authors also state past strategies that have been used to identify these issues and work to heal the relationship. The authors also state present strategies that are being used and ideas that could help mend the relationship that has been torn apart between the two groups.
Cunneens (2007) articles showed relative statistics, showing the negative effects of the relationship between the two groups, whether it is one groups wrong doing or not, the evidence shows that there is an issue that needs urgent attention and resolving. “Indigenous people were 17 times more likely to be held in custody than non-Indigenous people in Australia” this raw fact can be looked at from two different perspectives; number one the indigenous community are victimised by the police, or two a major percentage of the indigenous community are being involved in crime. Considering the indigenous population compared to the non indigenous community is so small, it does

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