Relationship Between Romeo And Their Parents

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Young love is wild, crazy, and full of excitement. But sometimes people stand in front of love and command it another way. Having lust for your special one could lead to being rebellious to the restrictions of being together. Romeo and Juliet took their lives because one couldn't live without another. In William Shakespeare's tragic story, Romeo and Juliet, Two young kids fall in love with each other despite their family's beliefs. The Capulets and Montagues are sworn enemies to each other, however, they share things in common, they want the best for their children, as they have hate for each other. Romeo and Juliet's parents want the best for them even though they are bitter towards each other and would despise them being together. They tend to have very rebellious acts as they want to be together. As their relationships between their parents and them wasn't the best they managed to be lovers till the end. Romeo and Juliet’s relationships between them and their parents was not always the best. They would never properly communicate to them and they would go on to do their own thing without their parents knowing where they are. But Romeo's relationship with his parents was a lot different from Juliet’s. Romeo had a lot more freedom then Juliet. Romeo's parents were a lot more caring and would be wondering where he was most of the time. Romeo’s Father, Lord Montague, was very caring of romeo and was always making sure his son was doing the right thing. He would mention that

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