Relationship Between Rwanda, Israel's Perceptions Of The 1994 Rwandan Genocide

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Beginning in 2008, my research focuses mostly on Rwanda’s political, militarily, economic reconstruction since the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. This research has led to a greater exploration of regional dynamics between other African Great Lakes region nations. During my various periods living within Rwanda, I have had the opportunity to perform independent research and analysis on the nation’s political, military, agricultural-focused development, religious and social history and presence. This research resulted in my publication for the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs titled, “Rwanda, Israel, and Operation Protective Edge.” I wish to continue my current research on Rwandan perceptions of the international community with a more specific …show more content…

Many Arab nations used petrodollars to either bribe African officials or help facilitate through the financing of major construction projects. Another factor was the lack of progress in Israeli development projects and assistance in Africa making many wonder the useful of close relations with a nation that many within the Arab world was against. This went alongside decreasing trade between Israel and Africa. Despite the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty in 1979 and the return of Sinai to Egypt, most African states did not re-establish ties with Israel until the early 1990s. Reestablishment of ties also was slow based on Israel’s limited economic and political interests in the continent. However, forty-four African nations recognize and cooperate with Israel for agriculture, economic and military development. While relations between the two have developed, academic research still remains underdeveloped. The recent 2015 publication by Haim Yacobi, Israel and Africa: A Genealogy of Moral Geography, indicates the possible academic exploration of this relationship.

Over the three year period I plan to focus my attentions on two primary research fields with two different intended outcomes. The first field consists of exploring Rwanda’s relationship with Israel in terms of Rwandan perceptions of Israel as well as mutual political, economic and security benefits for the two states. This will compose of an examination of perceptions of genocide between the two

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