Relationship Between Substance And Delinquency During Adolescence

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1. To attempt to examine the relationship between substance use and delinquency during adolescence.
2. This study is explanatory in nature. The literature review makes it clear that the primary purpose of this research is to examine the reciprocal relationship between substance use and delinquency during adolescence.
3. The theoretical perspective used is the life course approach. This framework is very appropriate for the research question at hand because it examines the numerous causal influences that impact stability and change in behavior over time.
4. The literature is reviewed from the articles first page up until the theoretical background. All the literature seems to be relevant to the framework. The literature appears to be …show more content…

The first hypothesis is that there will be stability in substance use and delinquency. The second hypothesis is that substance use and delinquency will be significant predictors of one another. These hypotheses were justified adequately in terms of the theoretical framework and in terms of prior research.
9. The independent variables were substance use and delinquent behaviors. The dependent variables were a respondent’s age, gender and race. These variables reflected the theoretical concepts as intended and gave the strong connection between delinquency, substance use and behavior of peers.
10. The measurement of the dependent variable was apparent. Structural equation modeling with both manifest and latent measures were used. The author reported a using a chi-square test with a nonsignificant chi-square indicating good model fit.
11. The units of analysis were adolescents 11 to 17 years of age. The units of study were appropriate for the research question and no statements were made that suggested reductionist reasoning.
12. The study was longitudinal. The first five waves of data collection contained information from personal interviews collected in consecutive years from 1976-1980.
13. The explanatory hypotheses indicate that the author was concerned with causality. All three criteria for establishing causal relationships were addressed. The variables that were controlled were the respondent’s age, gender, race and scales measuring substance use and delinquent

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