Relationship between Communism and Fascism

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During World War I the fighting took place on trenches but during WWII given the technological advancements made people to fight virtually using anything available as in the case in 1939. Communism and Fascism are revolutionary moments that were majorly felt during the twentieth century across the world and specifically in European Countries such as Germany, Russia, Japan, and Italy among others. These two principles of governance have some common characteristics among them on one hand and differences at some instances. This paper tries show the relationship between Communism and Fascism, their similarities, differences and which one is superior among the two by discussing the two socialist namely Mussolini and Lenin.
Bolshevik Revolution
The Lenin and Mussolini socialist governing principles come into play for the first time during the Bolshevik Revolution. The Russian Revolution was because of the failure by the then leader Czar Nicholas II who instead of learning from the pre-revolution of 1905 he targeted his removal from office and introduced reforms he ignored (Neely et al, 2008). The people were against Czar’s rule and his engagement in World War 1 as well as the economic hardships in Russia force people into the streets to demonstrate in 1917, a move that forced Czar from power even after ordering the Army to…
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