Comparing Emerson And Thoreau

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It is said that the nature existed before man and the man will and always shall depend on nature on every pace of the life. Starting from water, air and even the food to clothing and shelter but whereas nature, if man is extinct from the nature it would be very much peaceful for nature to survive own its own with rest of species. Nature cared man like a mother but all man could contribute was exploit nature for their greed and wants which kept on destroying nature. It is said man are outstripping the nature by 50 percent (P. Stephanie. 2012. May 14). Surviving without nature is impossible for man, not only the man of today knows these but it was known before Emerson and Thoreau was born. Emerson and Thoreau talked about importance of man and nature sharing same ideas but had different perspective. Emerson shared his views with mere thinkers and man thinking which included commodity, beauty, language and discipline (Emerson, R. W. 1907) and on the other hand Thoreau shares his views touching the importance of self-sufficiency, acknowledging the value of simplicity and the magic of growth (Thoreau, H. D. 1845), which I really believe in. According to Emerson the god created them and left them in the earth to survive amongst people who are so busy with immortal instinct (Emerson, R. W. 1907). Which is true to much extend, for having seen students getting up every day going to their regular classes and doing individuality work needed for the day. People plan things to do, just

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