Relationships In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, shows the complexities of the different relationships that occur between the characters throughout the play. The play of Romeo and Juliet is considered to be a story of two star crossed lovers, meaning that they were destined to be together, but with a tragic end to their fated love. Romeo and Juliet have a fateful meeting, they fall in love with each other the moment they meet, not knowing that they're from feuding families. When they find out, they still continue their relationship and rush too quickly into things, creating many problems and making rash decisions. Although, they are not the only ones in the story who do, as many of the characters in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, …show more content…

Romeo and Tybalt's relationship added to the wretched ending of the play. Tybalt had noticed Romeo at the Capulet's ball, and due to Romeo being a Montague, he was angered. Tybalt had asked Lord Capulet if he could confront and attack him, but was told that he was not to inflict harm because Romeo was not being disrespectful. Tybalt had been seeking out Romeo, so that he could find him and fight him ever since he saw him at the Capulet's ball. Eventually, the two meet again and Tybalt kills Romeo’s good friend, Mercutio. Romeo becomes furious, and his anger leads him to lose control, and kills Tybalt. After Romeo kills Tybalt he was banished from Verona by the prince. Romeo would not have been banished if he weren't so angered and killed Tybalt, who killed Mercutio. The banishment eventually led to the plan of Romeo and Juliet running away together. The play's tragic ending could've been avoided if Romeo and Tybalt calmed their fury, and the plan for Romeo and Juliet was not created. In the end, the fury of Romeo and Tybalt led to rash decisions that would have been avoided if the two were thinking clearly and not filled with pure anger for the

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