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Relationships are one of the most unstable aspects of life today, no matter what two people are involved. How you feel about something or someone can change within a day, an hour, or even a moment. Friends come and go, families get torn apart, and boyfriends never last. It’s all part of life’s cycle. And although we all wish we could do without, sometimes you never can.
The hardest part of life is letting go. Growing up in the same place for 17 years will give you friends that go way back. But guess what? Who you were 17 years ago isn’t who you are today. People change. And yes, it’s sad and hard to acknowledge that, but it’s a fact of life. You can grow up with someone and at the same time grow apart. Why is …show more content…

And of course when it does happen, it’s so much worse than a non-friend who gets jealous. The friend knows you inside out and knows what hurts you. And pathetically, they’re not scared to let the whole world know. All your trusted secrets can be ousted in a 5-minute phone call. The whole school can know exactly where you went Friday night after you finished cheering at the football game, which isn’t anybody’s business. But once that person feels you’re “better” than them they get scared that they’re going to lose you. Half the time that would never happen, but instead of coming to you with their fears they start sabotaging the friendship. No one wins. So much for friends.
Although friends can’t be trusted, the one group of people you’re supposed to be able to count on for everything is your family. They’re the biggest support system you have. They’re your personal cheerleaders. Or at least, they’re supposed to be.
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Remember when you were little? Mom and Dad were your best friends. You told them everything. And remember your brother? Man did you hate him. Always picking on you and threatening to beat you up and making you cry? Of course, you think of that now and just shake your head. How things have changes since you were 7. Well maybe not changed, more like reversed. No you don’t hate your parents, you could never do that. But they’re not quite the “best friends” you once considered them to be. And your brother? Oh

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