Relationshipsand Sense of Belonging in Charles Dickens' Great Expectation

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People are unique and therefore discover elements of life in a multitude of complex ways. Charles Dickens 1861 novel ‘Great Expectations’ employs older and younger Pip in a dual perspective novel to display the ways in which he discovers a sense of belonging and acceptance. Gary Ross director of the movie “Pleasantville” uses an adolescent males point of view to show the varying aspects of belonging in quite literally in this instance different ‘worlds’ which displays the destruction of being accepted and the positives of inclusion. Both texts show collectively that a need for a sense of belonging rarely changes over time in which the two texts are set. Relationships can be detrimental to our sense of belonging as they can alienate us …show more content…

David has no real stable relationship and is too afraid of making them as shown in the introduction with a mise-en-scene displaying close-ups of David’s insecurity, apprehension of the unknown as he is asking out a girl; which is later revealed to have been all in his head as he is shown to be standing alone, isolated with the girl of his dreams standing far away in a midst of people. He is found to be constantly fighting and being insulted by his sister “I knew you couldn’t be so hopelessly geek-ridden for so long without suffering some really tragic consequences”, which causes him to yearn for inclusion which he finds in the TV show “Pleasantville”; the perfect world. Suddenly being immersed in this perfect world along with his sister he revels in the world being predictable; safe and dry of risks. After forming a bond with his boss Bill; who believes that people ‘must be awfully lucky’ to have creativity and colour forces David to realise that Pleasantville is in fact not a utopia but a dystopia with no choice of freedom, or choice of expression which he never embraced in the real world. David harnessing his newfound confidence stands in front of the whole town and shouts down at the Mayor “They (the colourful townspeople) are no different to you” finally gaining respect from his twin, with Jennifer stating to him “You turned into a pretty cool guy”. The connections David made

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