Religion And Religion Essay

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Religion, Politics and Sexual Orientation are the three major topics that plague our society today. Religion in my opinion is the largest of the three. The word religion or religious makes the younger generation very uneasy. Why? Because it forces them to hold a standard and we all know accountability is not today’s society strongest virtue. Religion is a very broad term and though there are many of them, Christianity will be the center of attention. It doesn’t take much to be a Christian, as a matter of fact, anyone can do it! The path to membership is simple; deny all other gods, make Jesus Christ your lord and savior and adhere to his teachings and principles. As a Christian, reading your bible and praying daily, attending church services, communion services and bible studies regularly, paying your tithes (10% of your income) and utilizing your gifts (singing, spoken word, prophecy, ministering, dancing, etc..) are essential in your growth within the faith. The language usage is common and easy to adjust to. Nonetheless, being in the environment for the first time you may feel a bit out of place. But, if you continue the journey, phrases such as “praise the lord”, “let the church say Amen” and “God is good, all the time and All the time, God is good” will become second nature. Keep in mind, it’s not enough to just say these phrases, a true Christian understands them. For most Christians, their values are taught at home and reinforced at the church. These
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