Religion And The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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Religion is a defining characteristic of most of the world with only 16% of the world having no religious affiliation (Pew Research, 2015). A number of celebrations and holidays come from religion, and are often the reasons a lot of people take off certain days of the years. For example, schools or work offices are sometimes almost or completely shut down for holidays like the Good Friday preceding Easter Sunday or Christmas. Religion is universal and is engrained into most cultures throughout the world. Pilgrimages to Rome or Mecca display this well. Cathedrals and mosques are visited all over the world by tourists every day. However, religion is the reason for much strife throughout the world. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the…show more content…
Long before that, women could not own property. The US progressed swiftly compared to other counties. Women in India could not own property at all until 1937. Even then, women were only granted that right through family inheritance or their marital status. It is still rare for women to be in possession of land despite the number of acts that have passed over the century. From British colonial rule through postcolonial times and even now, women are still having to express their desire for rights that men have like inheritance and ownership. During colonial times, progress was made by simply the idea of women having rights being expressed. It was seen to conflict with the Hindu beliefs and practices, so most of the time rights for women were only written, not actually implemented. Furthermore, the debates were ongoing and over the years as people persisted, bills like the Age of Consent Act of 1891 and the Hindu Succession Bill of 1956 were passed. The reason for all the opposition of reforming Hindu laws was usually due to how much it interfered with Hindu practices and traditional family values. The more rights women received, the less authenticity was left in the Hindu culture therefore being seen as destructive to the Indian, patriarchal society despite the progress made for women (Williams, 2013). This shows that Hindu itself hinders progress from being made for all people and benefits men more than it does women. Simply put, the

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