Religion And The Middle East

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Our world is made up of many different people. This global diversity insures many different ways of perceiving life, death, and everything in between. This is where religion plays a part; it allows everyone to believe in what they want to. Religion has enormously impacted its followers and the greater world in countless ways. Two religions that have influenced society tremendously are Judaism and Christianity. Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions. It was founded over 3500 years ago in the Middle East. Many Jews consider Abraham the father of the Jewish people, because he promoted the main idea of the Jewish faith: there is one and only God. At the time, many people in the Middle East were polytheistic, or had a belief in many gods. They believe that Moses, a Hebrew man was chosen by God to lead the Hebrew people out of slavery in Egypt. Moses led his people to the Promised Land, the land given by God to house the Jewish people, and out of the Sinai Desert. At Mount Sinai, God delivered the Ten Commandments, a set of biblical principles relating to morality and worship for the Jews to follow. They preach ideals like remembering the Sabbath, and only worshipping one God, and they prohibit evils like killing, adultery, and stealing. One of the biggest parts of the Jewish faith is consistently practicing their religion and bringing holiness into everything they do. Jews go to synagogue for their worship services. A synagogue is a building devoted to prayer and
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