Religion And The United States Essay

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Religion and the United States have an interesting relation over the history of the United States. Religious conservatives portray the United States as being God’s chosen nation and that religion influences every facet and procedure of the United States. Liberals try to contend that the United States is a bastion of secularization and that the founders were not particularly religious. David Sehat in his book, The Myth of American Religious Freedom, shows that religion has played a significant role in the United States, but that interaction is not always good in terms of individual actions and actually put the individuals of losing life, property and limb. Overall, Sehat’s books detail the moral establishment that was created around the time of the American Revolution and the various methods that were used in order for them to maintain their power. The book also details the way that religious and secular dissenters tried to push back against the moral establishment. When the American Revolution began and the country sought to remove Britain from themselves, they produced several differences in the rights of man. The major issue dealt around will individuals have freedom of religion and conscience or will the state set up a national church (15-16). The first major point that Sehat brings up in his books is that certain individuals were worried when disestablishment of the national church happened, what is the basis to provide morals for the general society. Colonial leaders

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