Religion Is A Way Of Life Essay

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To a lame man “religion is a way of life” while to some “it’s a bold question that cannot be answered” but the oxford dictionary defines religion “as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or god”. Religion to man has been known to be a great factor in the life of every individual. Irrespective of what religion you choose to practice, the behaviour bindings of any religion is known to affect the lifestyle of its participants. In most cases the norms and values of a society is seen to have been developed from the commandments of its most practised religion. For example in the UK the norms and values of “hospitality and kindness” can be described to have being developed from the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ in Mark 12:31 which say “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Although, in the contemporary UK, the 2011 census showed that 32.84% of its population can potentially argue about themselves not being religious but it can be counter-argued that they indirectly live as Christians as the constitution that is seen as law, notably have most of its laws developed from the bible, “Christian theology has permeated most of western culture especially pre-modern Europe”, one can argue that in the 21st century people behave rightly because of the punishment that awaits them but however the constitution of every society is influenced by its prominent religion.
Religion has been known as one of the substantial feature of any African
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