Religion Reflection Paper

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Considering the fact that I have an open and explorative mindset, I was able to thrive in class and learn a lot about other religions, mine as well. Although I believe that I should spend my time learning about my religion, I think it is important to learn about others as well so that I can better understand their mindset and beliefs. This will allow me to place myself in other people's shoes and help me relate to them. In class, we watched the documentary; “The Story of God With Morgan Freeman”, and we learned that in general, no one can define god with a general definition. In this documentary, Morgan Freeman visiting several countries, and with the help of a religious expert, learned about several religions. While watching the…show more content…
Gods are also living, which further proves their sentience. Contrary to humans, gods in most religions, can never die or be killed. In order for a God to be considered a God, they would have to be superior to humans, and those superior qualities include being all knowing, and seeing all of time. I think that in many cases, religion is very essential for a community to be organized, peaceful, and productive. In most countries, religion is used as a tool to dictate their moral compass and help form the bases of these country's laws and government. In the books we have read in class, identification with a religion or belief was almost necessary because of the settings the stories were in. In “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin, most citizens of the payment had to be religious, or else they would be ostracized or punished. It was the same in “Alif the Unseen’ by G. Willow Wilson. Citizens had to follow Islam in a way that was deemed to be acceptable by the government, and if they did not, they are often susceptible to punishment. Without these rules placed by the religion in the book, I think the books would not have the structure that the authors would need for the books to convey the message they were trying to get across to the readers. In general, I think most people need religion so that they can feel like they have a purpose in life. If there was no religion, I think more people would fear death. All living creatures on earth are
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