Religion Should Be Allowed Within The Workplace

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Religion should be allowed in the workplace to an extent. If the vast majority of people in a workplace belonged to a certain religious group utilitarian would allow religion in the workplace. Since it is what the greatest amount of what people want it would be benefiting the greater good. This would be the simplest choice for the utilitarian view point. A utilitarian would also feel obligated to please those people who are the minority in this situation. This is why religion in the workplace would be allowed to a certain extent. A utilitarian would allow religious practices such as prayer to go on in the workplace as long as they didn’t interfere with the work that needs to be done. To take away the practice of a workers religion would be consider morally wrong, so allowing religious practices as long as it doesn’t take away from work would be beneficial to the greater good. I also believe a utilitarian boss would support religion because studies have shown that people with religious beliefs have a higher decision making skills. Thus pleasing those who would rather leave religion out of work and who would like to incorporate things such as prayer. The integration of faith and work has had positive implications at the personal level, as well as for corporate ethics and the broader economic sphere. The study of religion has often investigated beliefs, rituals, and practices, and how they have manifested in various spheres of life (Fry, 2014).
Not only would religion do
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