Religion's Effect On Society : Functions And Dysfunctions Of Religion

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Functions and Dysfunctions of Religion Religion is a universal part of many cultures and affects societies through its functions and dysfunctions. Firstly, religion offers a reason for life on earth, by explaining life after death, and giving its followers missions and motives for daily life. It also provides emotional and mental comfort for individuals going through a stressful time; as it gives suffering, stress, and death a purpose. Furthermore, religion sets guidelines for everyday life and is a form of social control. For example, the ten commandments for Christians, karma for Hindus, and the Shariah Laws for Muslims, are social regulations that set a pathway for specific behaviors and attitudes. Contrastingly, religion also negatively impacts society, as it opens doors for conflicts among different belief systems. Historically, crusades and torture were common forms used by religious groups to gain and maintain control. Currently, torture still occurs in some countries as religious groups are fighting for power and believe that anyone who doesn’t believe in their gods or follow their ways deserves to die. Religion may also create anxiety among individuals as they are consumed with following the “rules”, and feel distressed when they violate them. Some followers are not able to meet the set guidelines, such as, not having enough money to tithe, or not having a way to attend church. Meanwhile others have the means to follow the principles but for their own personal

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