Religions : Taoism : A Misunderstood Religion

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Taoism: A Misunderstood Religion There is a religion that is misunderstood all-over the world both in Asia and in the West. Taoism is a religion that does not have a specific definition, which makes it hard to count how many followers it has. The number is between 12 and 173 million people! Most of the origins and leaders, along with the practices and beliefs are not clearly defined in the sacred texts, making it difficult to decide who is and who is not a Taoist. Taoism is a lot of times confused with Confucianism or even Buddhism. Most of the things in Taoism are not defined and might be believed to be different in every part of the religion. Taoism is a Chinese religion focusing on the transformation and integration with the unseen forces of the universe. Taoism does not have any founder or founding date, instead it has many people attributed to the start like some other other religions. It was primarily in the rural area of ancient China. Zhang Daoling became the first Celestial Master and founder of the first organized Taoist school of thought around 75-100 C.E. Early Taoism was added to local religions and combined with the existing views of other Chinese people. Then around the fifth century C.E. it was recognized at an actual religion. (Origins of Taoism) The Taoist’s name for their religion is Tao-chiao. There are writings that are believed to be written around the late fourth century B.C.E. Even with these writing there were not people who classified

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