Religious Allegory In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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Life of Pi written by Yann Martel uses many literary devices to present the different themes in the novel; and allegory, along with its many examples, is prevalent in this novel as the number one mechanism to demonstrate the character and theme growth. Through religious allegory, symbolism, and imagery, Yann Martel uses Pi and his voice to make readers question the real meaning behind Life of Pi.

Religious allegory is a large topic in this novel. Yann Martel parallels many characters in this novel with Religion and Religious figures. When he meets Orange Juice for the first time, he is overwhelmed with happiness. He even compares her to the 'Virgin Mary’ upon first seeing her. Pi exclaims, “Oh blessed Great Mother, Pondicherry fertility goddess, provider of milk and love, wondrous arm spread of comfort, terror of ticks, picker-up of crying ones, are you to witness this tragedy too?” (Martel, 139) The orangutan is not only a metaphor for a religious figure, but is also a metaphor for his own mother. At the end of the novel, Pi retells the story using people instead of animals, because the rescuers will not believe a story this fantastical using animals. His mother is seen through Orange Juice’s feelings and maternal actions; it was almost like she takes on the feelings and experiences (and sufferings) of the passengers on the boat. The religious allegory with the raft arises when the tiger surfaces onto the same level of the boat as Pi; where he had been hiding. With these

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