Religious Allusions In Avatar

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James Cameron’s 2009 film, Avatar is a must-watch. The film taps into many aspects of human life, especially spirituality. Cameron has produced the film with many allusions to biblical times. The planet of Pandora was portrayed as a very spiritual ground. It is that the ‘monsters’ of the earth are far more connected to a supreme being than humans, who are the actual “monsters”, ought to be to our Savior. In Avatar, the militarists, led by Quaritch, are determined to retrieve a very useful mineral from the planet of Pandora because the earth has already been eroded. They are trying by all means possible to destroy the planet, but unknowingly cause destruction upon themselves. The militarists “open” a world that would cause them harm. Meanwhile, Cameron unveils another spiritual aspect where he included the Na’Vi’s relationship with Eywa, a spirit that is a part of the “Tree of Souls”. The Na’Vi’s turn to Eywa for everything and their faith is grounded in her. This was demonstrated when these unusual creatures realized that their land was in trouble. An army of them is pictured praising and pleading to Eywa to help them. The Na’Vi’s have a special relationship with their “mother” and they would stop at nothing to protect her, as humankind ought to be with their environment and God. Cameron uses this spiritual aspect of the film as a warning tale, which is a traditional story with a moral message warning of …show more content…

Just as Eve was very important to the Christians, especially women, the planet of Pandora, was of grave importance to the ancient Greek, as the name was an allusion to Greek mythology. Like Eve, Pandora was the first woman, and person primarily responsible for unleashing affliction upon human beings, although in both cases the gods deserve at least some of the blame, since humankind was created by them as being curious and gave them full access to the materials that would bring them to their

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