Religious Men Who Changed the World Essay

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There are a ton of men who have changed the world in the past and now days. Some of the most impactful men who changed the world spiritually were reformers. They stood up for what they believed in and wouldn’t back down no matter what. They were persecuted, made fun, out casted, and put in jail with a trail. Some of these incredible men are George Wishart, Thomas Bilney, and Ulrich Zwingli. George Wishart was born in the year 1513 in Scotland. He was tall with black hair and a long beard. He attended University in France. He became a priest. In 1538 he became a school teacher in Montrose, Scotland. He taught the New Testament in the Greek language. This made the bishop of Brechin extremely furious. Wishart fled to Bristol when he got …show more content…

These readings greatly moved him and cheered him up dramatically thanks to the relief of being saved by God’s word. He joined his colleagues, John Fryth and William Tyndale, in forming the formidable trio against the priest. They gathered many adherents. Some of the adherents were Thomas Arthur and Master Hugh Latimer. Bilney and Arthur went to London to preach to every one they could. Bilney preached against a new and incomplete cross that had been erected, calling it idolatrous, in Whitsun week 1527. They were both arrested and ended in the Tower pending the pleasure of Cardinal Wolsey. December fourth Bilney was placed before Cuthbert Tunstal, London’s Bishop. This was only the first of many visits to the bishop over the next few days. The bishop was amenable to several adjournments of sentence for heresy despite the strength of the case. Bilney returned on the seventh saying he would abjure and return to the Catholic Church’s fold. In the Cardinal’s pleasure he was sentenced to prison for his penance. He was also ordered to be humiliated at St Paul’s. After wards he was kept imprisoned for a year. He returned to Cambridge upon being released from prison. Bilney suffered great depression and regret. He suffered for two years before he left his associates at Trinity Hall. He took a Tyndale’s New Testament and Obedience of a Christian Man with him to Norwich. He started out

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