Religious Reasons For European Colonization

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The two things that prompted Europe towards exploration and later on colonization was religious conflicts and trade. An example of how religious conflicts prompted Europe towards exploration was the Spanish victory against the Moors. During the 18th century, the Moors, Islamic invaders from North Africa, began to conquer Spain. But throughout the next centuries, Spanish Christians started to reconquer these lands and as a result, they began to organize new independent kingdoms. This religious conflict helped to unite Isabella and Ferdinand. As a result, this unification created a new leadership and power which allowed them to launch Columbus’s voyage. Another religious conflict that prompted European exploration and colonization was the Protestant revolt in Northern Europe which is also known as the Protestant Reformation. This revolt which took place in the early 1500s was when Northern European countries revolted against the Pope’s authority which eventually resulted in religious wars. This conflict inspired Catholics and Protestants to explore the Americas, Asia, and Africa to spread their own version of Christianity. Another factor that prompted exploration was trade. Trade prompted exploration because since the land route to Asia had been captured by the Ottoman Turks, European kingdoms could no longer use it and had to search for new routes for trade. As a result, these kingdoms began to look for new trade routes by exploring through the ocean. In hopes of finding a

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