Remember The Most Important Day Of The Day

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It was a cold Friday morning in suburbia when Nancy had woken up to a loud drilling across the street. There were children rushing to school with their bags weighing them down and parents on their mobile phones trying to explain to their coworkers why they were running late. It looked like a somewhat normal end to the week.
As Nancy pulled back the curtain, she saw a builder bent over drilling into the pavement with his crack on show. She sighed and laid back down. It was only until Nancy looked towards the poster across the room of the Hocus Pocus movie that it suddenly dawned on her. She smiled as she remembered it was Halloween! How did she forget? How did she not remember the most important day of the year? Jumping up with excitement Nancy head toward the cupboard next to the poster where her wand was and chuckled “TODAY IS THE DAY!”
What was the day and what was going to happen? Nancy was known to be a grumpy thirty five year old living in the suburbs of New York. She wasn’t well known however she was known for her inability to exchange pleasantries in the neighbourhood.
Nancy got downstairs and found a stack of things to do. She was a housewife. Her husband was a corporate boss working in the city and she was the stay at home wife. This was by choice so she could work her magic during the day and while he was asleep at night. Lately things seemed to be dreary in the Brown household. Her husband Quinn would sleep in their bed while Nancy would stay downstairs watching

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