Renewable Energy Essay

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Renewable Energy Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed: the first law of conservation of energy. Since the earliest days of human history, man have always been looking forward to control energy. But it wasn't until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that humanity finally learned to harness the high concentration of energy existent in fossil fuels. (''Why Sustainable Energy Matters,''Learning Space). Even though humans achieved to apply the first law of conservation of energy/matter, they failed to understand the principle. That is that energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed. Missing this premise and walking society towards modernization, humanity has been destroying the environment with contamination …show more content…
Second, renewable energy systems make use of organic wastes, producing energy as well as cleaning the environment. For example, bio-diesel from unwanted cooking oil has saved approximately 1 billion of US gallons of petrol-diesel while helping thousands of local restaurant owners get rid of their wastes. (''Renewable Energy,''American Green). Clearly, the use of the waste in the environment keeps both the carbon dioxide pollution and the organic wasted shedding under control. Finally, renewable energy is pro-environmental because is does not represent a hazard to the Earth. In the contrary, renewable energy resolves all menaces that could degrade the environment. (''Solar Energy,''Renewable Energy for America). As an illustration, nuclear energy plants have solved the pollution problem efficiently, but they yield to a similar problem—radiation-- while renewable energy facilities give rise no further complications. Also, renewable energy is the most suitable of the energy resources because it is economical. Primarily, renewable energy generators take advantage of the free energy in the environment. (''Solar Energy,''Renewable Energy for America). Furthermore, they make use of the surplus of energy in the environment. For instance, solar panels are the perfect form of renewable energy generation by making use of the solar energy the planet does not need. Second, renewable energy generators are economic to operate and maintain. Once

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