Renewable Sources Of Solar Energy

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In August of 2003, the largest blackout in US history happened because of Ohio 's failure to trim trees away from power lines. As a result, more than 50 million people in the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada were out of power for days. While Ohio is going back and forth on it its laws dealing with solar power installation, our friends across the Canadian border have already shut down the last of their coal powered plants. The current US power grid is over 100 years old and due to its heavy use, is getting weaker every day. Blackouts, power imbalances, power interruptions, and changing voltage levels are all too common today, especially in the summer (Weeks). Fossil fuels like coal and oil pollute the world we live in. Ohio is among the many states where laws are being put in place for states requiring it 's energy to be obtained from alternative renewable sources. Solar energy is the best possible source, and Ohio should look to it for its future energy needs. Solar energy is defined as energy from the sun. The most common type is the use of Photovoltaic solar cells which convert the sun 's energy into electricity, like those found in solar panels. Besides solar, Ohio gets it 's energy from several different types of renewable energy like wind, hydro, biomass/fuel and geothermal, and other sources likes coal, natural gas, and nuclear (Green Energy Ohio). However, solar has the most benefits with the fewest impact on the environment and it 's resources. Ohio currently has
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