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How To Repair Roof Shingles Damaged By Tree Branches If you've been lax about trimming back tree branches that hang over your roof, you may discover the swaying of the limbs has damaged some shingles. The frequent brushing of your roof knocks granules off the shingles and can eventually make the shingles loose or cause them to fall off completely. If the damage is localized to one spot, you might be able to make the repairs yourself, as long as you feel safe climbing a ladder and walking on the roof. Here is a quick look at how to proceed. Inspect The Roof First Before you attempt DIY repairs, you want to examine the roof carefully to determine the extent of damage. If the trees have been brushing against the roof for a long time, then the shingles may have been damaged for so long that rain has seeped down to the deck or even into your attic. Be careful when you walk around the damaged area in case the deck is rotting. If the deck has a spongy feel in that area, it is probably damp and weak from rot. In that case, the shingles have to be torn off and that part of the deck removed. You probably want to call a roofing contractor to handle those repairs. If the damage is confined to a small surface area, you might get by with replacing a few shingles. You may want to pull off a shingle to take with you to the home improvement…show more content…
To remove a shingle, you have to lift up the shingle on top of it so you can reach the nails. Pull out the nails and then lift out the damaged shingle. Slide the new shingle into place and then nail it down using the same holes as the old shingle. When you buy supplies to put on new shingles, be sure to buy roofing nails. These nails are heavier and have larger heads so they can hold shingles in place. Plus, they are made from materials that won't rust. Other supplies you'll need are a pry bar for working shingles loose and a hammer for pulling out old nails and driving in new
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