Representation Of Swedes In Tobias Wolff's '

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He found a way to represent the people as animals. He found the stereotypes that are made on different types of races like the Jews, the Polish and the Nazi. The Jews themselves were the mice, the Germans are represented by cats, the Americans are represented by dogs, the poles are represented by pigs, the Rema (gypsies) are represented by gypsy moths, the French are represented by frogs, the Swedes are represented by deer, and the British are represented by fish. The mice themselves are shown because it gives the reader a sensation that the mice are weak and helpless as the dirty filthy ones. The Germans as the cats show that they have power over jews, it’s the usual concept that cats are the stronger ones and when they are going to catch them they like to play with them. It was not only the mice that he represented with
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