Representation Of The United States

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Representation is when elected officials nominally speak for their constituents in the legislature. Equality is defined as the state of being equal. especially in regards to a person’s status, their rights as citizens, and the opportunities given to them. In American society, every citizen is supposed to be given equal rights and opportunities by the politicians they chose to represent them in the country’s government. One issue that I believe to be viewed and discussed by many people in our society is whether the United States government represents its citizens equally or unequally in society. Throughout the semester, we have talked about many different authors’ views and opinions that address this specific issue. Each reading we have read was written in relation to the societies and time periods in which the authors lived, but can all be tied together to address the issue in the United States today. There are also many of examples in our society today, that can show us the lack of equality amongst the citizens in the United States. John Stuart Mill expresses the idea of representation in our society and that the government strives for the improvement of the moral capacities of all its’ citizens. Iris Marion Young is an inclusive democrat, who argues that not all groups in our society are represented equally by the government. Jean-Jacques Rousseau explains how man’s evolution in society has caused social inequality in our society. Dr. Martin Luther King

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