Reproducibility In Science Is As Important As Any New Hypothesis

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Reproducibility in science is as important as any new hypothesis or discovery. Currently, many practitioners believe there is a reproducibility crisis. Despite that scientists conduct sound research, reproducibility is still very low. In my opinion, irreproducible research should be well considered as a part of enhanced knowledge since, in part, nature tends to be chaotic and hence irreproducible. Better controls in the research process, however, can improve comprehension and utility of research results.

Keywords; Research, irreproducibility, application

Researchers recognize reproducibility as the core of science and the path to cumulative knowledge (Freedman et al., 2015,2,3. Reproducibility reflects the fundamental …show more content…

Although irreproducible results may not be readily applicable, it does not necessarily mean that they are a waste of time, resources or opportunities. Suggestions for enhanced reproducibility are also highlighted. Insights are mainly biased to natural rather than engineered systems.

The complexity of natural systems
In view of Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty, “is it actually possible to reproduce/recapture both quantity and temporal profile from experiment to experiment or from one individual to another?”19. Natural systems may have obvious structural and organizational principles. On the other hand, spatial and temporal interactions between external and internal sub-components, them too chaotic11,16 to be understood by independently studying isolated components. Therefore, depending on the state the system and the ability of the researcher to isolate and control all confounding factors, many research results may turn out to be extremely context-specific. In proteomic studies, for example, proteins are extraordinarily sensitive to environmental changes besides variation in sample preparation protocols and instrumentation 6,19. Proteomic profiles also differ not only from one individual to another but also from one moment to the next19,20. Yet similar stochastic, unique or rare effects are of crucial importance in many biological processes. The fact that studies

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