Research Article On Fires And Climate Change

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Upon a search of the University of Idaho Library, I found a scholarly research article relating fires to climate change. This article is highly technical in nature. Through the extensive analysis of data, Liu, Goodrick and Heilman found that climate change and augmenting fire activity form a malicious cycle. Warm temperatures enable fuel moistures to decline, allowing fires to explode. Fires, more specifically large ones, emit enormous amounts of exhaust. They discovered that fire emissions help to worsen climate change. The main components of fire emissions are carbon dioxide, organic carbon, and black carbon; carbon dioxide is the largest pollutant of the three, accounting for about 71% on average. When released into the atmosphere, …show more content…

This paper has a fair amount of ethos associated with it. It was conducted by a government institution and was written by government scientists who specialized in this area. The article was also published in a peer reviewed journal, Forest Ecology and Management. Additionally, the information is valid and reliable. I have crosschecked the information with in this article with other journal articles; all the information presented is true and supported with solid data. Furthermore, the article was published in a peer reviewed journal, which means the data has been reviewed by other professionals in that field of study. Finally, the article is fairly current; it was published in March of 2013. The trends presented in the article are still occurring. However, the fine data, CO2 levels, black carbon levels, etc, may be a little out of date. All in all, this is a great source to explain the causes of increasing activity and the trends associated with fire. This article was found using the University of Idaho search tool. I found this source as an effective and easy way for finding credible sources, but it was much harder than any of the other sources to find sources that related to your research topic. I originally searched for the Forest Service budget crisis, but I was unable to find usable sources.
In their research article on wildfires and climate change, Liu, Goodrick and Heilman (2013) found that the exhaust from wildfires

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