Research Paper About Jamaica

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Jamaica is a very beautiful country with their amazing sand beaches and magnificent mountains. Jamaica’s culture as a whole is very diverse but everyone is nice. The food in Jamaica is very good and has many different styles. The islands cuisine has adapted from many different cultures such as, Britain, India, Spain and many more. Jamaica has a every deep history, the movie Pirates of the Caribbean is actually based in Jamaica. The port that they are at in the movie (Port Royal) is a actual place, and the port it self has a history of actual pirates too. In all Jamaica is a beautiful country and has very interesting history and culture. Jamaica has beautiful beaches, and amazing land scape. The animals in Jamaica are very diverse with many different animals. The islands geography is also magnificent with it’s rivers and Mt ranges. Jamaica is a very large island and is the third largest island in the caribbean and is 4,213 miles in total, and Jamaica has a beautiful mountain range call the Blue Moutains, that span east to west on the island, they reach up to 7,402 miles high. To complement the Mts Jamaica has two great rivers that flow through the island, the …show more content…

The Jamaican police force has been committing un lawful killings and been getting away with them, until last month where they where taken into court for a killing but they where proven innocent. But they where only proven innocent became they had used a computer to tamper with evidence and make sure they where proven innocent, this case is currently still going on. Jamaican scientist are currently working on a cure for a cough known as the Barking cough and the Croup cough. This forms in little kids that usually have a virus and there is currently no cure for the virus and it can be fatal. As a country currently Jamaica is having some issues, but they are dealing with them as fast as they

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