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Is an unconventional romantic fantasy film, in 1908 she was born and her name is Adeline, first of all you have to know that the main character doesn’t grow older, she looks like a teenager.
One day she has an accident in the highway cause a snowstorm where she supposed died, but a lightning strike suddenly revived her, and when she was only 29 she stops grow older.

But from that day she didn’t know that her live will change in a special way, she constantly has to change her ID and her address cause the police noticed something strange, all of the rest of the years she live another live from a new person. Adeline had to leave her daughter and moving to another city, and all of the rest of her life she does that. Until she met Ellis who is charming and constantly does many poignant things to her, first she didn’t want to talk to Ellis cause maybe she fell in love with he and she doesn’t want that the history repeats with her previous love who seems to be Elli’s father. …show more content…

I really recommend the movie, it is an unusual film and if you really want an amazing romantic movie you have to watch it, it’s one of my favorite movies and I want to emphasize that I am not a huge fan of that kind of

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