Research Paper On Chemmencherry Slum

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9. Chemmencherry Slum Chemmencherry slum is one of the newly emerged slums in Chennai. Chemmencherry is located near to Shozhangnallur, Chennai. It is rehabilitation block for slum dwellers from various parts of the Chennai city in order to relocate the slum dwellers from various areas in Chennai. In 2007, Tamilnadu slum clearance board has proposed 5190 tenements in an area of 17.81 hectares. The site is organized into 9 clusters with each cluster provided with a central open space surrounded by tenement blocks. About 5,190 families are present in these places. Of these 5,190 families, about 3,000 families are people affected by Tsunami. Though the building was properly built the living space allotted to each family is a single …show more content…

The Health of a person is not a stable one. Taking into the consideration of the understanding of the health among the respondents, it was understood as an absence of illness. 74% Respondents understood health as a condition of absence of physical pain. Most of the men flocks in this slum are semi skilled labors working as painters, carpenters, masons, peon, helpers, and drivers. Some women are working in the nearby emerging software companies as sweepers, gardeners, and helpers. The work of this people is tiresome and tough. They feel happy and healthy if they do not get any ache at the end of the day. These slum dwellers do also believe that reasons for all these pain due to some of the social, emotional, religious conditions.

62% Respondents state that health as a state of absence of weakness. In spite of being weak in their bodies yet, they engage in their daily routine work because it affects their survival. Over all idea of the respondents is that lack of physical strength is a part of life. Thus, according to them, weakness could not be considered as state of illness. Physical health is essential to engage in daily …show more content…

If the investment is lost then there would be a question for survival. Health is the core and essential for life. George Isaac makes a comment that the Concept of ‘Health’ is very much linked with one understands of life, because by and large it is the ‘quality of life’ which forms the major content of the word ‘health’ so in order to grasp the meaning of ‘health’ one needs to understand clearly the correlation between ‘life’ and

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