Research Paper On Child Labor

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Aweys Ahmed Aweys Date: 11/16/2015
Dr. Kim
Global Issues
Research paper Child Labor
For centuries and years child labor has become one of the biggest problem in the world. It’s a challenge and long-term work for many countries to put an end to child labor especially those developing countries it’s one of the issues that’s considered as serious issue these days. Child labor refers to children’s who lose their rights and do things that aren’t supposed to do, it refers to children who go to work at the age of schooling. The international labor organization (ILO, 2013) estimated that there are around 168 million children’s working worldwide and of these 168 million children, 58 million of them are employed in hazardous jobs Years passed and child labor is still one of the biggest issue worldwide, children at the age of 6-14 have the rights to go to school and get good education but instead they are kept in work places doing hazardous jobs, meanwhile, while the population of children’s working is increasing at the same time the population of unemployed adults is increasing, children’s are the hopes of the future they are the one who can get changes in our world. Child labor is todays one of the biggest issue worldwide, child labor is big issue today because it leads to social backwardness and promotes crime, when the child is beaten and made him do harsh jobs he takes the wrong way and starts stealing things and one day he will

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