Research Paper On Cristiano Ronalo

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Before starting this, I am stating why people think Cristiano Ronaldo is arrogant, so don't attack me. I am just trying to make you understand both views. Not everyone who thinks Cristiano is an arrogant person is absurd. His body language and face expressions Body language and face expressions are important. Ask anyone out there who's somewhat good with people; he will tell you that body language and face expressions matter greatly. If you want friends or girls, or you do not want to be looked down upon, this is arguably an essential part. Similarly, if you want to look arrogant, there are body movements that make you seem like an arrogant person. Cristiano Ronaldo's facial expressions are that of an arrogant person, like it or not. He is wonderful, but you can see he looks like a complete arrogant person, just by his face alone. You may think this is not a major ordeal, but it is. Similarly, his body language also makes it look like he is arrogant. When things do not go his way, such as, the ref, he gets angry. When his teammates do not pass to him, you can see frustration. When he scores, he often points at himself, and the SIII celebration puts his body such that shows too much confidence. Add that with his facial expressions, and you will have people think he is arrogant, because of the way he uses his body. Don't believe me? Do your research about science. His actions on the pitch Cristiano may be a friendly person, but his actions on the pitch are

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