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Dorothea E. Orem is a nurse from the United States who greatly contributed to nursing theory in the modern medical world. Her newly established theory was known as the Orem Model of nursing or the self-care deficit nursing theory. The Orem Model of nursing emphasizes the importance of self-care as a basic human need and how self-care can be provided or managed to allow patients to recover more effectively. ==Young Life and Education== Dorothea Elizabeth Orem was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 15, 1914. Her mother raised her and her older sister while taking care of the home. Her father worked as a construction worker.Wayne, 2014 Orem first attended Seton High School in her home city of Baltimore. She graduated in 1931. Orem then…show more content…
With children, the condition is the inability of the parent (or guardian) to maintain continuously for the child the amount and quality of care that is therapeutic.”Orem, 1995 Many different factors can affect these abilities and must be considered by nurses when providing comprehensive care. She referred to this new thought process as the Self-care Deficit Theory of Nursing, which also is known as the Orem Model of Nursing. Orem published the basis for this theory in her book Nursing: Concepts of Practice in 1971. The Self-care Deficit Theory of Nursing earned Orem much acclaim and respect within the medical world. She became a lead theorist in nursing education and practice for the rest of her career. Her book, Nursing: Concepts of Practice, is still widely read today as it enters into its sixth edition. Wayne,

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