Dorothea Orem

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Historical Perspective Essay: Dorothea Orem Historical Perspective Essay: Dorothea Orem Introduction The foundation for the nursing profession that provides principles to generate knowledge defines nursing theory. Successful nurses must be rooted in theory and understand the philosophy that drives their actions. Dorothea Orem is a nurse with a vision that studied human behavior, with the core concept of self-care in the patient/nurse relationship. This paper seeks to explain Dorothea Orem’s Theory including the contribution of her research as it relates to nursing development and paradigms of nursing. Dorothea Orem Caring for one’s self, as Dorothea Orem believes, is the responsibility of each…show more content…
Orem’s four metaparadigm principles are important in understanding the theory as a whole. Nursing is the actions performed by nurses to assist patients towards the goal of self-care. Health describes a patient being structurally and functionally whole. An environment that promotes self-care is equally as important as human’s being allowed to function at their highest self-care level. Contributions to Nursing Orem’s Self-Care Theory lays the foundation to measure self-care maintenance, management, and confidence. The framework of Orem’s theory contributes an optimistic patient view to their own personal healthcare and the goal of nurses, and the independent function of their patients. The identification of nursing as a science and an art are identified as well as its boundaries, and serve as unique contributions to nursing. The research that Orem completed was designed to measure self-care deficits and the quality of life to help determine the correlation between both (Seed & Torkelson, 2012). Conclusion In summary, Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Theory has greatly influenced the development of nursing research. At a close look at her theory, paradigm and contributions, one discovers the importance of research. Nursing research does and always will have a tremendous influence on nursing practice, thus indicating the importance of research being a
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