Research Paper On Double Jeopardy

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The double jeopardy law would not protect Libby for the murder of Nick in the movie “Double
Jeopardy”. In the movie, Libby does not find Nick kill him on sight, the movie plays out that
Libby kills Nick in self-defense which is not pre-meditated murder. This would lead to no need of the double jeopardy clause. Even though Libby would not be in trouble for killing Nick, she did still seriously violate her parole, she left state unpermitted, and acquired a firearm while on parole. Even if the parole officer allowed Libby to have a gun, the government would not allow it. Libby would have done enough to have to stand trial and not be protected by double jeopardy.
Even though Nick was killed in a legal way, Libby could still be convicted but may
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