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Edgar Allen Poe was a writer in the 1800’s and no one knows how he died, some say he overdosed on alcohol while others say he died of rabies. Edgar Allen Poe is the author of many great works of literature, such as, “The Raven”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, and many other dark stories. He never had a great life and no one knows how he died. Most people believe he overdosed on alcohol, some say he had rabies, and some even say he had encephalitis (brain inflammation). Poe died of alcohol because of his hard life, condition near death, and the rabies and encephalitis theories don’t make as much sense. Some people say he died of alcohol because he had a hard life. Poe’s mom and dad both were gone by the time Poe was three. His father had deserted …show more content…

This quote shows how Moran, a trained medical professional, thinks Poe died from a lethal amount of alcohol. This shows Poe’s condition near death leads us to believe of alcohol abuse. The theory of alcoholism makes the most sense because none of the other theories make as much sense or have as much proof. First off, Poe had no noticeable bite or scratch marks. Some people say that one in four people don’t remember being bit and it could have occurred on his hand or foot which would take much longer to show up, but that be very little chance. First off there is only a one in four chance that he wouldn’t remember being bit, then the bite has to be on his hand or foot which only decreases the odds. Dr. Benitez says,”The primary weakness of his theory-lack of evidence of a bite or scratch” (qtd. in Pollin and Benedetto 189). Also, Poe’s cat died of starvation when Poe’s wife Virginia Clemm had abandoned it, and the cat had no signs of rabies when they later examined it. Some people say he had alcohol sensitivity which could have resulted from Poe drinking so much and becoming so sick. Whenever someone gets sick because they ate something they will dislike that food for a while which could have resulting in him turning down the alcohol offered to him at the hospital. The encephalitis theory simply doesn’t have enough proof to back it up. This is why the alcohol theory makes the most sense over rabies and encephalitis. In conclusion, Poe’s

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