Research Paper On Elderly Driving

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Driving the scenic Texas roads is joyful for drivers. But sadly, older drivers begin to experience some health issues that limit their mobility behind the wheel of a car that diminishes their driving pleasure and safety. According to AAA, 90 percent of motorists age 65 and older suffer from a variety of medical conditions, like arthritis. Fortunately, more cars with multiple “senior friendly” features are available for older drivers to help offset the physical changes that come naturally as we age. • Hip and Knee: For comfort and easier entry and exit, look for vehicles that have six-way adjustable power seats that move forward, backward, up and down, and the seat-back forward and backward. Also make sure it has a low door threshold and seat heights that don’t require too much bending or climbing to get in and out. The ideal seat height for seniors is between mid-thigh and lower buttocks when standing beside the car. Nissan introduced “zero-gravity” seats on its 2013 mid-size Altima sedan that is based on posture research from NASA. The seat uses a unique shape with support from the pelvis to the chest that helps reduce spinal pressure and improves blood flow.…show more content…
This results in difficulty looking over your shoulder to back up or merge into traffic. Help is available with adjustable and contoured lumbar support to soothe and support the back and shoulders. Another feature is front and rear parking sensors to help senior drivers maneuver their cars without too much twisting and turning. A large rear window give better visibility, wide-angle mirrors minimize blind spots, and blind-spot warning systems alert you to objects in the way, all without painful turning of the upper
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