Research Paper On Homeland Security

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Ivan Gribbin Mrs. Park English 11 7 December 2017 The Philosophy behind Homeland Security: Homeland Security is very important because to have a strong healthy nation we need to be focused on our interior so that we can branch out to new places. If America lets terrorism breed in her own borders then we are weak, and if America can’t use its money wisely then we are weak. America needs to adopt an America first mindset in everything to strengthen our core of who we are as a nation. For its own interest America should put more time, money, and effort into defending and strengthening itself from the inside out. America needs to invest more time, energy, and money into homeland security. It is important to help others but how can we help others if we are weak? America should increase the defense budget and increase personnel dedicated to securing America as a stronghold for the people of America to live. America is a helper and a peacekeeper but it spends a lot of time and money in this role. America needs to boost its economy, trade, and military before venturing to help others. America needs to boost pride in its country, patriotism, and establish much better relations between politicians and the people. American taxes should help Americans failing cities, to rebuild their economies, and make us as a country stronger financially. America has weakened itself by fighting or supporting many wars that didn’t or don’t directly

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