U.s. Department Of Homeland Security Essay

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As a Chief executive, the president’s main duties are to enforce and execute laws however they see fit. The President signs executive orders directing law enforcement agencies, including the agencies that enforce immigration laws, that has “prosecutorial discretion”– the power to decide whom to investigate, arrest, detain, charge, and prosecute. The Agencies may develop discretionary policies specific to the laws they are charged with enforcing, the population they serve, and the problem they face. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may decide how to prioritize its resources in order to meet its stated enforcement goals that are set by the President. With executive unilateral powers the president, drafts policies without and sometimes over the objection of Congress or the courts. The President can design policies regarding the immigration matter without approval of Congress, he can simply follow the former presidents’ footsteps on immigration laws. I am making the argument that U.S. President does have too much unilateral power. The United States President is an independent authority under the constitution, that possesses independent legal basis for taking actions. Now that Donald Trump got elected as America’s next president, what can he do on his own regarding immigration matters? Ellis (2015) states unilateral directives comes in many different forms, it includes proclamation, national security, military orders and presidential memoranda. These are all

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