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Scarlett Neely Mr. Cascio English 1302-5 3 April 2016 John Keats John Keats was a young poet whose work continues to heavily influence the literary world today. His contributions to the Romantic Period are considered to some to be unmatched by even some of the more experienced poets of the time, including William Blake. Through his use of vivid imagery and magical language, Keats was able to paint beautiful pictures through his poems all while conveying deep philosophical meanings that were prevalent in the writings of the Romantics. What makes John Keats continue to be relevant today is not only the concepts he wrote about, but the manner in which he wrote them. The suffering that he endured from his personal life as well as the extreme empathy he held for humankind shines through his writings and gives his works a very wistful and sad quality that leaves the reader pondering life and all of the beautiful yet mysterious aspects it holds.…show more content…
From an early age, Keats experienced great loss. At only eight years old he lost his father, giving him his first glance into the delicacy of human life. Seven years later he lost his mother to tuberculosis, and literature became his only comfort as he assumed the hardships of life and loneliness. At Enfield Academy, where Keats attended school throughout his childhood, the headmaster John Clarke kept a special eye on the orphaned Keats, and encouraged his love of reading and literature. In the Fall of 1810, following the death of his mother, Keats withdrew from Enfield to pursue studies to become a surgeon, and eventually became a licensed apothecary in 1816 after studying in a London
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