Research Paper On Laziness

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“Disinclined to activity or exertion: not energetic or vigorous,” is how Merriam-Webster defines “lazy”. To me, being lazy is simply lacking the motivation to accomplish duties that should be put in priority. Yet, at the same time, the many individual perspectives of psychology see laziness all in different lights. Similar most other traits and personalities, laziness is blamed on abnormalities of the physical structures and happenings within the brain according to the biological perspective of psychology. Charles Darwin, an early biological psychologist, would provide one type of analysis using the theory of natural selection, where characteristics that increase the likelihood of survival will be maintained in a species. This theory eventually …show more content…

As famous cognitive behaviourist Albert Bandura would argue, one’s behaviour is dependent on how one “feels” about his/her environment. He would argue that I feel a lack of motivation in my surrounding environment, that the environment and people around me aren’t giving me a good enough reward—a reward sufficient enough for me to complete the goals I need to do. For instance, if I was “too lazy” to study for my upcoming math test, cognitive behaviourism would argue that a better grade in this test was not rewarding enough; perhaps, making the test more important by increasing its weighted percentage or cancelling the possibility of a re-test would enhance the reward of a good grade, in return, providing me with the motivation to study to receive the potentially more rewarding result. As shown, the behavioural and cognitive approach to “treating” conditions is to change the environment. By changing the environment, it will hopefully change how the individual perceives the environment cognitively, and as a result, “cure” the condition. All and all, the behavioural and cognitive perspective believe “laziness” is caused by an unrewarding

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