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As a king, Leonidas was a military leader as well as a political one. Like all male Spartan citizens Leonidas had been trained mentally and physically since childhood in preparation to become a hoplite warrior.
Q1: Leonidas’ son Pleistarchus became king on his father’s death but due to his young age Pausanius acted as regent. The Greeks, within a year, gained revenge for Thermopylae with victories at Salamis and Plataea; the latter even led by Pausanius, nephew of Leonidas. Xerxes' invasion was emphatically rebuffed and those who fell at Thermopylae were not forgotten. A monument was set up at the site with the words of Simonedes’ epitaph stating: ‘go tell the Spartans, you who read: We took their orders and here lie dead’. A stone lion was also placed in memory of Leonidas and his men. Forty years after the battle the king’s remains were exhumed and returned to Sparta where they were given proper burial and a hero-shrine was also established in his priviledge.
Q2: Leonidas was a Spartan king immortalized in Greek literature and legend because of his heroic last stand against Persian Leonidas established his army at Thermopylae, expecting that the narrow pass would funnel the Persian army toward his own force. For two days, the Greeks withstood the determined attacks of their far more countless enemy. Leonidas’ plan worked well at first, but he did not know that there was a route over the mountains to the west of Thermopylae that would allow

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