Research Paper On Native American Culture

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Approximately 22% of America’s 5.2 million Native Americans lived on tribal lands. Native Americans lived on Great Plains. That was their natural home and what all they were use to. They also relied on the buffalo for about everything and the horses for transportation. The Indian’s had to do a lot of hard fighting and were mistreated but they stood their ground and never stop their beliefs and the Americans hated it . Native Americans played a major role in American History, as well as a lot of other different cultures but they especially shocked people because of their mindset to the government. The American value was so precious and was extremely taken advantage of in the 1800-1900. Their living conditions, cultural beliefs, and great work ethic is what made them stand out the most. An easy way to remember Native Americans is to think about pure life and traditional beliefs. The …show more content…

In 1887 the Dawes Act was passed to Americanize Indians by giving them land , the problem was Indians didn’t believe in owning land at all . Once the Native Americans refused to take the land 160 acres were given to white settlers and the rest were sold , at the end Native Americans received no money . In addition to this Indian kids were sent to Carlisle Indian School to assimilate them , they wanted them to lose memory of all their heritage and start living the American life . After none of this lead the Native Americans out , the U.S. military gathered 350 starving and freezing Sioux (Indians) and took them Wounded Knee Creek in Dakota . A shot was fired , no one ever found out from which side but the Indians was unarmed and that day 300 Native Americans were killed . The soldiers left the corpses to freeze on the ground , this event was called the Battle of Wounded Knee . It ended the war between the U.S. government and the

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